Can’t stand french language
anymore that’s a fact
The atmosphere here downtown
is so heavy
the weather is so cold
I thought my fingers were to break
into pieces at the slightest snap
We heat up the apartment we
are living so poor a good wealth
Not certain we’re to live here
together as her papers
have expired

Life in this country have become
irrealistic month after month people
shrivelled up so much our friends are gone
into their lives of talc and broth
newly mother and father of monsters

we sink the country is nowhere to be met
we think we are and I know we’re just surviving here
no invitation – oh, so little
I’m dreaming of the great invite the life again
would offer and I feel it’s not to happen
I cry a lot these days the radio torturing
me again in this language I’m not
having any more
at disposal.

Bourgeois is the name of these small ways
small malls of thinking giving being seeing
and we would like to dance
but the dance halls are closed
and the money is on the short again
with terrific bills to come
my symphony of wisdom may be mocked
no way, we live!

We live here wrapped into this morgue
of an Iran at the heart of a Europe
sort of Iran…
O England, O Germany, O Spain,
so far away, walking around the block
the clock that is our cloak of nothingness
possibless piece of France that you must
not take great care of this chaos here
and there
let it die, and ok, let’s give once more

The suffering of the life in France
since 2007
so bitter
let’s switch to another place…
sofa traveller us nowhere to go
where do we go
where do we go?
nowhere, suffer, here
no go
no place to be
no art to see
no cheerful occasion to laugh
no love
no friendship and they
hit the ears with their song
of realism in art and small talk
“chat” is a great idea
who do we chat with then?
Chat with the barman?
These don’t chat
they serve you
chat with a woman?
We’re not free, women don’t passed the
surprising sight of a good looking
We are poor so stfu

The gloomy night is coming to us
again France
and we would like to dance
an invitation
a sheet of paper
a letter
it’d say hello
you’ve been here for a while now
and we do care, come on,
let’s see what you’d be able to
let’s see if you couldn’t fill one of these
forms and work with us
clever you are in a way
this never happens here
– oh not to mention the blank letter I received from the “disabled minister”…
and I dream I was Vietnamese
rather than french
really beyond shame and despair
it’s a defeat
it lasts a hundred years
everybody knows
except the one who’s acting the defeat
this one
yes you guessed what’s his name…

Never been cooperating with this regime
from the start, never
they use it all you say: say a word?
it’s already mashed up in a discourse
in a motion, burqa, kärcher, debate about the nat. id.
etc. what for a loser’s game,
what a pissing off process
and it end where?
If I buy the Harrap’s shorter
you know you’re 25$, this time
are for me and I’ll sleep the night
on the unabridged cover and
I’ll write nice poetry
not counting on feet the verses